Tom Hiddleston can dance, your argument is invalid

Tom can dance, your argument is invalid
"Let me tell you, hips do not lie." A quote from Tom himself.



Let’s just take a moment to thank whoever decided to reveal this to the world


Via Twitter


Via Twitter


Tom Hiddleston though

Tom during The Avengers Press Conference in Russia in 2012

Maybe you should read this


Once on DeviantArt there was a group that was called “Crap art” and they suggested they put one of my artworks in it along with some others who were trying there best at drawing. Of course I wanted to take action. Who are they to do this? Why are they being so cruel? Others of course thought the same way. So a person told me to make report it on the forums and I did that. Turns out a forum was already made for that group and everybody got mad at me because there was doubles. They accused me of having more than one account and I didn’t even know what they were talking about. I only had one account and I reported once. The point is instead of reporting and telling me encouraging things, people wrote rude comments instead. Lots of people say that bullying is wrong and that it should stop. But when someone is in need, no one seems to help. So all I’m asking is that if you see someone getting bullied, hurt, take action and help that person out. And if you don’t have anything nice to say, well then just don’t say it at all. The group was indeed removed though, thanks to the people who helped.


color meme - requested by snuffleharry
↳ loki in black and white