Tom Hiddleston can dance, your argument is invalid

Tom can dance, your argument is invalid
"Let me tell you, hips do not lie." A quote from Tom himself.

oh god that beautiful smile 


oh god that beautiful smile 


My image of Professor Tom.. mhm if my teacher would look like this..

Ever the light casts a shadow // Ever the night springs from the light

"It, uh... touches everyone differently."







Nothing new here, just some personal favorites of mine.  Since most of my posts are reblogs, I felt it was time to post something, anything to get rid of the boredom and get some attention.

First apologies to tarrysmith - only one blond Tom, lots of facial hair and NO FEET/SHOES.  For my blond lover buds out there - just the one this time around.  larouau12, mypreciousmind1, antyc67, sarabeth72, ophelia-tagloff

Some others - catedevalois, smittentomkitten, so-easy-to-love-me, matchgirl42, d-m-jonas, coy00koi, mytomhiddlestonpage, eve1978, jackburtonsays, janinam, colorac along with allthatandasideoftom, a-novelust, catalystrene, gretchenk0720, gothicangeltas, hiddleshooked, insatiablebookgeek, kgm42986, kirby1derby1doo, lisalisa007, leilei55, ohhiddles-myhiddles, @quoting-shakespeare-to-ducks, sherekahnsgirl, stillabrit, teka04, velvet-muffin, winchester87

Hope ya’ll enjoy the eye candy. 

Oh, dear sweet 8lb 6oz Baby Jesus in the Golden Diaper…all my favorites…together.

Help.  I have fangirled and I can’t get up……

#1, 4, 5, & 7…yesss.

Ooooh, I think I never saw #8 before. hmm

Baby Hiddles givin’ me the cougar feels…